Searunner 52


Jayne’s Searunner 52 Catamaran – The Ideal Day Sail Catamaran Charter Boat

Catamarans are the ideal charter boat to take guests sailing, snorkeling, diving or powering to a destination.

Jayne’s Maritime has a proven track record of building numerous Commercial Day Sail Catamarans, custom yachts, power cats. These vessels operate at Resorts and Tourist Destinations thru out the Caribbean and US.

Doug Jayne’s has extensive blue water experience, 35 years of owning and operating Commercial day sail Catamarans in the Caribbean, New England, New York and Charleston, SC

Bringing a wealth of knowledge as not just a boat builder but

also an operator of these commercial day sail catamarans

Our catamarans are customized and perfected to meet the needs of the charter operators and the guests.

Jayne’s Maritime works with clients in producing strong, durable, high performing catamarans utilizing modern technology for the serious Cruiser and Commercial operators.

Base Price: $850,000

which includes the USCG certification COI in hand when delivered to operator

and we can customize each veseel to your locations needs.

Download our spec sheet for the Jaynes Searunner 52’ (195kb PDF)

We have a Proven Track Record of Building Every Boat on Budget and on Time


Our Catamarans Offer

  • High underwing clearance to avoid pounding even when heavily loaded
  • Great Stability in Rough Waters
  • No heeling, so passengers are in comfort
  • Lots of Space on Deck
  • Low draft can operate right off the Beach
  • Faster to Destination
  • 360 degree view Bridge Deck
  • Offer the most boat for the money
  • Wood/Epoxy composite construction results in strong bullet proof boats offering strength yet lightweight; requires the least amount of maintenance
  • Longest Life – Last a Generation
  • An affordable vessel resulting in earlier Return on Investment

Searunner Jayne 52’ Specifications

The Searunner 52 is designed with high underwing clearance providing a stable ride for passengers and able to handle offshore sea conditions.

Length: 52’
Beam: 28’5”
Displacement: 13” – 18”
Draft: 3’ – 4’
Sail Area: 1220
Passengers: 49 – 80
Engine: Two Outboards or Two Inboard Diesels
Speed: 11 – 19 knots

Download our spec sheet for the Jaynes Searunner 52’ (195kb PDF)


Our Recent Searunner 52 Catamaran Build – Privateer