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“Doug Jayne is guy that really got the Searunner Charter Catamaran business off the ground!

“If Doug hadn’t had the gumption to want a charter catamaran in Charleston, SC I am not sure that any of this Searunner Catamaran Constant Camber would have happened; you are the guy that got it off the ground”

— Jim Brown, Multihull Designer


Jim Brown Testimonial – Doug Jayne and Jaynes Marine


Jim Brown conversation with Multihull Sailor and Boatbuilder Doug Jayne shares how he discovered multihulls and what he has learned from constant camber building technique


Jim Brown Interview with Doug Jayne about conversion from monohulls to multihulls


Jim Brown full one hour interview Multihull Sailor and Boatbuilder Doug Jayne


Building of a Searunner 38’


52’ USCG certified Trimaran Virgin Star being built by Jaynes Marine